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Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP-II)

Highlights of LVEMP II project implementation in Mpigi

Mpigi is one of the Districts benefiting from the LVEMP11 Projects. The subprojects included the four (4) Strategic district interventions (SI) and the five (5) CDD community subprojects. The strategic Interventions included;

Water hyacinth control in Lake Victoria shoreline hotspots, Promotion of sustainable Mukene fishing technologies at Senyondo and Katebo landing site. Restoration of the Lake Victoria shoreline wetlands, Sustainable Land use management in the Katonga River Catchment area.

The Integrated Community Learning for Wealth Creation (ICOLEW) Programme

Integrated Community Learning for Wealth creation – (ICOLEW)

Introduction: It’s a two year pilot program running in 03 districts of Mpigi, Iganga and Namayingo.

The program goal is to contribute to GoU efforts of wealth creation by undertaking integrated learning and training strategies at household level. It targets non and semi literates from 15 years.