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District Vision
A District where people have access to basic social services and are empowered for sustainable household and community development.

District Mission
To serve the District through coordinated delivery of services which focus on national and local priorities in order to promote sustainable social and economic development of the district.

Mission statement
To Coordinate and Deliver Quality services for Sustainable Socio-economic Development for all people of Mpigi District

Overall Goal
The district overall goal is to increase household incomes and improve quality of their lives, so as to elevate their overall standard of living.

Theme of the District.
“Enhancement of investments for increased household incomes and employment”

Local government Strategic Objectives

  • To mobilize the community and resources for effectiveness of the development process.
  • To coordinate extension services for improved production, household food security and incomes.
  • To promote access to basic services for heath, roads, water and sanitation for improved quality of life.
  • To improve quality education services for better quality of life.
  • To coordinate planning and implementation of activities for economy, efficiency and effectiveness