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Highlights of LVEMP II project implementation in Mpigi

Mpigi is one of the Districts benefiting from the LVEMP11 Projects. The subprojects included the four (4) Strategic district interventions (SI) and the five (5) CDD community subprojects. The strategic Interventions included;

Water hyacinth control in Lake Victoria shoreline hotspots, Promotion of sustainable Mukene fishing technologies at Senyondo and Katebo landing site. Restoration of the Lake Victoria shoreline wetlands, Sustainable Land use management in the Katonga River Catchment area.

The major purpose of these strategic interventions were to contribute to the reduction of environmental stress of Lake Victoria targeting hotspots while at the same time improving the livelihoods of the Riparian communities, who depend on the natural resources of Lake Victoria and Katonga catchment area. The implementation of activities for the different subprojects has been ongoing and the following has   been achieved;

The planned activities under the water hyacinth control were;

Conduct a baseline survey of the water hyacinth distribution and magnitudes.
To train district technical staff and community leaders in water hyacinth control and management.
Procurement and distribution of manual removal equipment.
Mobilize and train local communities in water hyacinth management.
Produce and disseminate IEC materials on water hyacinth management.
Collect weevils from established rearing centre and release them to the water hyacinth infested sites along the shore line.
Monitor the impacts of weevils on the water hyacinth in the respective sites.
Under the Water hyacinth control the following has been achieved;

Conducted a baseline survey on the distribution and the magnitude of the water hyacinth in   the Lake Victoria shoreline hotspots in Mpigi District and this revealed water hyacinth coverage of 50.31 hectares.
The technical staff trained in water hyacinth control, were three (3).                                                              The selected beach management unit leaders who were trained were five (5).                                This training was facilitated by Dr.Edward Rukunya from the Department of Fisheries Resources and Dr. Fred Wanda from the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute Jinja.
The twenty four (24) community leaders (Beach Management Unity committee members) were trained in water hyacinth control and management.
Procured and distributed water hyacinth manual removal equipment.
Carried out seven (7) awareness campaigns on water hyacinth manual removal in, Katebo, Namirembe,Kamaliba,Buvumbo,Sanya,Senyondo and Nakaziba Landing sites. A total of 506 community members attended these awareness campaign meetings.
Weavil raring centre at Katebo Landing site, Buwama Sub County Mpigi District

Established one (1) Weevil Breeding and Rearing Centre for biological control at Katebo landing site.