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Ms. Namayega Edith
Chief Administrative Officer

Functions of the Chief Administrative Officer

  •  Be responsible for the implementation of all lawful decisions taken by the District Council;
  • Give guidance to the local government councils and their departments in the application of the relevant laws and policies;
  • Supervise, monitor and coordinate the activities of the district and lower council’s employees and departments and ensure accountability and transparency in the management and delivery of the council’s services;
  • Develop capacity for development and management of the planning function of the district;
  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of all delegated services and the officers working in those services;
  • Have custody of all documents and records of the local government council;
  •  Act as a liaison officer between the district council and the government;
  • Advise the chairperson on the administration of the council;
  • Assist in the maintenance of law, order and security in the district;
  •  Carry out any other duty that may be assigned by the district council from time to time.
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