Job descriptions

Job Title - Deputy Head Teacher

Reports to - Head Teacher

Salary Scale - U5


Job Purpose

To direct, monitor and evaluate academic administration programs.


Duties and Responsibilities

i. To prepare schemes of work/lesson plans and teach students according to the set timetable;

ii. To assist the Head teacher in the overall administration and management of the school;

iii. To supervise the non-teaching and support staff;

iv. To ensure effective and efficient maintenance of records, material resources, facilities and

information services for efficient accountability;

v. To enforce discipline in the school;

vi. To organize and assist in the management and implementation of the curriculum;

vii. To oversee and co-ordinate the general environmental maintenance and renovations at the school;

viii. To act as the minute secretary of the Management Committee;

ix. To co-ordinate periodic reviews of the school curriculum;

x. To ensure integrity of internal and external exams administration and supervision;

xi. To prepare the academic plans, programmes and schedules ( time table) of the school; and

xii. To participate in the implementation of the Education Sector reforms related to primary education.


Person Specification:

(i) Qualification

Minimum of a Diploma in Primary Education or the equivalent of this from recognized


Registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports

Must have attended at least three workshops/seminars and three short courses relevant to the


Minimum of twelve years teaching experience as a qualified Primary teacher, three of which

should have been at Senior Education Assistant level or two at Principal Education Assistant or

five years at Senior level with administrative responsibilities such as Head of Department, or Co

curricular activities etc.


(ii) Competencies

Guidance and counseling;

skills, Pedagogical skills;

Psychological skills;

Child development skills;

Good communication and interpersonal skills;

Computer literacy skills;

Curriculum Development;

Comprehension and Interpretation;

Report keeping skills;

Financial management skills;

Human resource management skills;

Environment and Primary Healthcare;

Public relations skills;

Safety and Precautionary measures; and

Support for Special Needs students.



Job Title - Senior Education Assistant

Reports to - Principal Education Assistant

Salary Scale - U6


Job Purpose

To plan, teach, examine and assess learners’ progress on an on-going basis in order to ensure functional

literacy, numeracy and basic communication skills.


Duties and Responsibilities

i. To prepare the schemes of work and lesson plans in line with the approved curriculum on a termly

and weekly basis respectively.

ii. To conduct lessons and remedial work according to the set timetable.

iii. To participate in setting, administering and marking internal and external examinations.