Statutory Bodies

Council, Commissions and Boards
The Department is compromised of Clerk to Council’s office, District Contracts Committee, District Service Commission, Land Board, Local Government Public Accounts Committee Council and Standing Committees.

The District Council is mandated to formulate policies and ordinances for effective implementation of both Central government and District programs to ensure prosperity for all. The District Council Cerebrates the First anniversary of term of office. The Council boosts of the following achievements.

  • Publication of the District Annual Year Planner
  • Council and Committee meetings held
  • Consistently holding the Thursday Field visits for Community Mobilization and Monitoring of Government programs
  • Participated in the induction for all the New Local government Leaders organized by the Ministry of Local Government.
  • Participated in the ACODE workshop which acted as an eye opener to the New Leaders to get the insight of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Made various resolutions in regard to service delivery in the District which to a great extent enhanced the welfare of Mpigi residents these include among others:-
  • The halting of all operations by the Save Lake Victoria Task Force among the fishing community where the operatives had turned out to be doing more harm than good.
  • The creation of model Villages in all Sub Counties which policy is to be continued with even next Financial Year.
  • Formation of District Disability Council to oversee the development of PWD’s in Mpigi District.


  • Delays in elections of Women Councils has hindered the operations and utilization of Women Council Funds
  • Inadequate facilitation to Members due to decreasing Locally raised revenue
  • Delayed Local Council Elections have relatively affected bottom up planning and effective monitoring of projects.

The District Service Commission It is mandated by equipping the District and Urban Local Governments with qualified, competent and accountable Human resources who can deliver timely and quality services. In F/Y 2011/2012, the commission has engaged in field activities to monitor staff functionalities along with CAO’S Office. Through CAO, we hope the District executive and Council will take up efforts to have full composition realized on the Commission.

Local Government Public Accounts Committee
Town Boards The Ministry of Local Government approved Kayabwe and Buwama town Boards in Mpigi District. The District is now in the later stages of operationalizing these boards in the F/Y 2012/2013. The Parishes of Mbizinnya in Buwama and Kayabwe in Nkozi were demarcated and gazetted to be Town Boards. Worth noting, the African Development Bank in conjunction with LUWASSAN and UN HABITANT are to donate water and sanitation project in the Town Boards to improve the quality of life of the residents.

District Land Board. The Board is established by the Land Act to assist the District in mapping all issues related to Land administration. The District boosts of a fully appointed functional Board, the Board is funded by Public Accounts Fund (PAF). In F/Y 2011/2012, there has been approval of Land applications by the Board.

  • Much as the District approved the area Land Committees at Sub Counties and Town Council, these have never been indicated their roles and responsibilities which have created a performance gap.
  • Influx of Land developers in the District has led to increased displacements of people in form of evictions.

Mpigi District gets new Leaders. Arising out of the 2011 general Elections, Mpigi District Just Like any other Local Government in the country acquired new Political office bearers. These were fully sworn in on 20th/05/2011 at a colorful ceremony held in the District Council Chambers officiated by the Chief Magistrate of Mpigi District.
The same occasion also witnessed the Election of Hon.Jemba Juliet (Woman Kiringente/Muduuma) as the District Speaker and Hon Kiyemba Manisuri (Male PWD) as the Deputy Speaker respectively.

Mpigi District Leaders 2016-2021



Mpigi District gets new political office bearers.

Arising out of the recently concluded General elections, Mpigi District with its 7 Lower Local Governments got new political office bearers to serve for the period 2016 to 2012. These leaders were dully sworn in and their respective Councils inaugurated accordingly.

District leaders in the 8th District Local Council









Hon. Mutuluuza Peter Claver


District Chairperson






Hon. Kasule Joseph M


Direct Councilor - Kammengo






Hon. Ssematimba Godfrey Kasasa


Direct Councilor - Kiringente






Hon. Ssozi Ben Ssalongo


Direct Councilor – Mpigi TC






Hon. Mpanga Faisal


Direct Councilor – Muduma






Hon. Ssempijja Joseph


Direct Councilor - Buwama






Hon. Nalima Godfrey


Direct Councilor - Kituntu






Hon. Ssejjemba Rogers


Direct Councilor - Nkozi






Hon. Nakajjigo Christine


Woman Councilor - Kammengo






Hon. Jjemba Juliet Wamala

Woman Councilor – Kiringente/ Muduuma






Hon. Namuli Fatina

Woman Councilor – Mpigi Town Councilor






Hon. Namuyomba Harriet


Woman Councilor  - Buwama






Hon. Namwala Prossy


Woman Councilor - Kituntu







Hon. Nabadda Phionah


Woman Councilor - Nkozi






Hon. Ssenkayi Fred



Male Youth Councilor






Hon. Nakayiza


Female Youth Councilor






Hon. Ssempijja Cyrus Baker


Male PWD Councilor