Job descriptions

Job Title : Senior Veterinary Officer

Salary Scale : U3

Reports to : Principal Veterinary Officer

Responsible for : Senior laboratory Technician

Job Purpose

To increase production of quality livestock and its by-products

Key Outputs

i. Surgical intervention on livestock carried out;

ii. Veterinary staff and farmers trained on new technologies;

iii. Activities of private practitioners monitored for conformity to Government standards;

iv. Reports produced on the regular activities of the sector; and

v. Supervision on regulation activities on livestock trade and movement undertaken.

Key Functions

i. Carrying out surgical intervention on livestock;

ii. Training staff and farmers on new technologies;

iii. Monitoring activities of private practitioners to conform to the Government standards;

iv. Reporting regularly on activities of the sector; and

v. Supervising regulation activities on livestock trade and movement.

Person Specification

(i) Qualifications

A Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medicine from a recognised university/Institution.

 (ii) Experience

At least 3 years working experience as a Veterinary officer in Government or equivalent level of

experience from a reputable organisation.

(iii) Competences

 Coaching and mentoring;

 Planning organizing and coordinating;

 Ethics and integrity;

 Communication; and

 Time management

 Job Title : Forestry Officer

Salary Scale : U4

Reports To : Senior Forestry Officer or District Natural Resources Officers

Responsible For : Assistant Forest Officer

Forest Ranger

Job Purpose

To support the implementation of forestry conservation programmes in the District.

Key Outputs

i. Illegal activities in the forest reserve controlled and culprits apprehended;

ii. Productive activities in the forest reserves managed based on NFA guidelines;

iii. Technical support to the wood based industries provided;

iv. Forest extension support to farm and plantation developers provided;

v. Ecotourism development supported;

vi. Revenue from harvested forest products collected and remitted;

vii. Natural forests identified for gaze ting and protection;

viii. Report on forestry exploitation and conservation activities produced; and

ix. Staff of the Forestry Office supervised and appraised.

Key Functions

i. Providing technical support to the wood based industries in the District;

ii. Providing forest extension services to farm and plantation developers;

iii. Supporting the development of ecotourism;

iv. Collecting revenue from harvested forest products and depositing it with relevant accounts;

v. Sensitizing communities about the benefits of sustainable exploitation of forest resources;

vi. Identifying degraded natural forests and supervising enrichment planting;

vii. Enforcing the observance of National Forestry and Tree planting Act 2003;

viii. Supervising and appraising the performance staff of the Forestry Office;

ix. Participating in the planning and budgeting for forest management programmes and activities;

x. Compiling reports on forestry exploitation and conservation activities.

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications

An Honors Bachelors’ of Science Degree in Forestry from a recognized Institution

(ii) Competences

 Planning, organization and coordinating;

 Records and information management;

 Communication;

 Concern for quality and standards;

 Public relations and customer care;

 Assertiveness and self confidence; and

 Time management

Job Title : Staff Surveyor

Salary Scale : U4

Reports To : Land Management Officer

Responsible For : Surveyor

Job Purpose

To undertake land surveys in the Local Government and verify survey results by privately companies

and individuals.

Key Outputs

i. Local Government land surveyed and land boundaries opened;

ii. Drawing of land plans supervised and deed plans authenticated;

iii. Contracted surveys coordinated and private surveyors’ activities supervised;

iv. Completed surveys verified and approved;

v. Compliance with national standards and guidelines enforced;

vi. Work plans and budgets for land survey activities prepared and submitted;

vii. Technical and operational reports prepared and submitted; and

viii. Resources and equipment for land surveying requisitioned and accounted for/ or maintained.

Key Functions

i. Conducting the survey of Local Government land as requested by the relevant authorities;

ii. Providing technical support to the Local Government on land management issues;

iii. Supervising the drawing of land plans for accomplished surveys;

iv. Opening boundaries of Local Government land;

v. Verifying and authenticating deed plans;

vi. Providing technical support in solving land disputes;

vii. Coordinating and supervising contracted surveys;

viii. Verifying and approving completed cadastral surveys;

ix. Establishing and distributing control points for surveys;

x. Preparing and submitting work plans and budgets for land survey activities;

xi. Preparing and submitting technical and operational reports; and

xii. Requisitioning and accounting for resources and equipment for the Land Survey Unit.

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications

 An Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in either Surveying; Geomatics or any other relevant field

from a recognized Training Institution.

(ii) Competences

 Planning, organizing and coordinating;

 Negotiation and mediation;

 Accountability;

 Records and information management;

 Quality and standards;

 Communication; and

 Ethics and integrity.

Job Title : Clinical Officer

Salary Scale : U5

Reports To : Senior Clinical Officer

Job Purpose

To diagnose, treat and manage patients in the Health Unit.

Key Outputs

i. Patients Diagnosed and treated;

ii. Health education conducted;

iii. Participation in research activities;

iv. Participation in Continuous Professional Development activities; and

v. Reports prepared and submitted.

Key Functions

i. Diagnosing, treating and managing patients;

ii. Conducting health education to patients;

iii. Participating in research activities;

iv. Participating in Continuous Professional Development activities; and

v. Preparing and submitting reports.

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications

 Must have a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health or its equivalent from recognized


 Must be registered and licensed with the Allied Health Professionals Council.

 (ii) Competences

 Planning, organizing and coordinating;

 Concern for quality and standards;

 Communication;

 Ethics and integrity;

 Self control and stress management; and

 Time management.


Job Title : Driver

Salary Scale : U8

Reports to : Officer assigned

Job Purpose

To drive and maintain Local Government vehicle in accordance with the transport policy; and as

directed by the supervising officer.

Key Outputs

i. Vehicle driven as assigned;

ii. Vehicle cleaned, maintained and minor repairs carried out;

iii. Major mechanical faults reported;

iv. Basic vehicle records maintained; and

v. Vehicle safely kept.

Key Functions

i. Driving vehicles for official duty and assignments;

ii. Carrying out basic maintenance and cleanliness of the vehicle;

iii. Reporting major technical mechanical faults to the supervising officer;

iv. Maintaining basic records regarding the vehicles as instructed; and

v. Ensuring the safety of the vehicle while on duty.

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications

 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with a pass in English Language

 Valid Driving Permit of Class C or D

 (ii) Competences

 Basic Knowledge of mechanical and vehicle maintenance;

 Clean driving record

 Public Relations and Customer Care;

 Time Management; and

 Flexibility