Natural Resources

The department is compromised of the Forestry Sector, Environment Sector, Wetlands and the Land Management Sector. The District is endowed of the Natural Forests, Wetlands and Water bodies which contribute to the economic well-being of the communities in and around the District. The Forestry Sector responsibilities are to promote, advice, and support the management of Local Forests reserves, Community and Private Forests. The Sector undertakes the controlling the harvesting and transportation of Forests produce from the Private Land by licensing both the transporters and the harvesters, collection of revenue from Forest Produce on behalf of the District Council.

The Sector also promotes tree planting by supervising the establishment and maintenance of tree nurseries so as to provide tree seedlings to Farmers for planting on their Farms coupled with conservation of Natural Forests and their biodiversity.

The Department aims at Proper development of the District basing on some specific objectives which include:-

  • Conservation and sustainable utilization of Natural Recourses, Forests and Wetlands
  • Improvement of Livelihoods and Poverty eradication
  • Ensure sustainable Social-economic development that maintains environment quality and sustainable utilization of Land.